Brand & Story

‘’Glasses are the most remarkable accessory‘’

SAUREN EYEWEAR is an exclusive brand whose specializes in developing anti-reflection coating and light-colored gradient lenses.  A growing leader in designing sunglasses that are especially comfortable to wear indoors, and with its lavish light-colored feature lenses that display the eyes, SAUREN EYEWEAR presented a whole new world of fashion that has steadily been drawing the attention of local celebrities.  This brand is renowned for utilizing gold plating and offers 9 rimless models with 14 colors to choose from, as well as 7 models and 5 colors within their metal collection.  It takes 72 hours to handcraft each of these unique glasses in Etiler Optic’s workshop and the brand has been supplying to more than 20 of Turkey’s top prestigious eyeglass stores.  With the growing demand for light-colored lenses in Turkey,  SAUREN EYEWEAR is prepared to participate in the 2017 France Silmo Eyewear show as the first luxurious brand of glasses from Turkey.

SAUREN EYEWEAR was established in 2015 by Arif Demir, Istanbul’s most acclaimed optician.